Estimator4U by Hydraulic Repair Estimator

The Process



Hydraulic Repair Estimator provides instant Quotes (Prices) for the repair costs of Pumps, Motors, Rod Cylinders, Telescopic Cylinders, and Hose Assemblies. The Customer receives a General Price Range along with a Low, Median, and Upper Range with detail of work to be performed at each level of repair. Along with the Estimate they also will see a list of Local Shops that provide these services.

Why Innovative:

Hydraulic Repair Estimator has developed the only customer interactive software application that creates an instant Estimate for the cost of repair of Pumps , Motors , Rod Cylinders , Telescopic Cylinders , and Hoses. Being in the repair business for over 30 years, we collected and analyzed thousands of repairs and various data points to begin our process. Our software application takes two key elements into consideration, Labor and Parts, for developing an accurate and detailed Estimate. First we analyzed the Labor component by determining the actual labor required to perform hundreds of different procedures required for thousands of different components. After analyzing the data that we created, we then developed hundreds of algorithms that automatically generate labor hour for various operations depending on components, size and complexity. We then did a nationwide survey and research to determine labor rates and created a national model that generates quotes relative to different areas of the country. Second key component is the cost of parts, which again we took thousands of actual repairs and analyzed the parts that were typically required for various types of repairs for each type of component, along with actual material cost from various vendors nationwide and taking into consideration the availability of certain aftermarket parts and created algorithms and databases to allow us to provide an accurate cost of parts relative to the repair being performed. We then put these elements together in an easy to use Software application that requires minimum input information, yet receive a consistent, accurate, and detailed Estimate of Repair for thousands of different components. Customers can easily access this Application by Desk Top, Laptop, Notebook or Smartphone, the only thing required is internet access.